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Holy Bones is pleased to welcome…

The Month of May Jewelry

From Anastassia Fulmer, Owner: "My ceramic jewelry is rooted in my background of ink illustration, printmaking, and ceramics. I use a process of hand painting and layering colored slip onto a plaster slab. When the slip dries to a leather-hard clay I remove it from the plaster and either leave it as is or illustrate more with underglazes. I have also created small molds of vintage beads and pieces my grandmother made, which I made more components for my jewelry from. This mold making technique is referred to as making sprigs or using a sprig mold. I typically use a process of once firing. I feel jewelry can be a powerful accessory and the energy that is put into creating it can be absorbed by the person wearing it. With that philosophy in mind when I use imagery in a piece I’m painting symbols of protection and empowerment. From evil eyes and hamsa to nude women of various body shapes I look to give the wearer a sense of power and confidence from the item being worn. I also love being able to experiment with different techniques for creating these pieces and creating interesting abstract pieces from those experiments. I received my Bachelors of Fine Art from The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. My studio is in Grass Lake, MI."